EP 15: Master Your Motherhood with Jamie McLaughlin

I’m so excited to share with you guys the latest episode of the Flourish Together Podcast! Today’s episode is featuring Jamie McLaughlin, I’m excited to introduce you guys to her. Here’s a little bit more about Jamie;

Jaime is a mom of 4 and runs an online business as an influencer and educator. She teaches moms how to implement simplified strategies of self care to boost their confidence back up and navigate the beauty industry with ease. As a hair + makeup artist for 14 years, she has built her knowledge and expertise to now be able to create to a space where she has a very trusted and long time following of moms who look to her for advice and expertise on all things motherhood and beauty

In today’s episode we’re chatting the importance of self care, why it matters and why it’s not selfish to take care of yourself. We’re also chatting about Jamie’s family’s intentional choice to live differently in regards to their home life, and cleaning up your social media and being the curator of your own feed.

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